Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dances

Book your Wedding Dance lessons with Ballroom Alchemy by completing our Wedding Form. We will follow up to schedule your (free) introductory dance lesson! During this lesson, you’ll learn the Fundamentals of Dance — simple steps that when combined, create the movements for many partnership dance styles. We also dedicate time to learning about your wedding dance goals and discuss wedding day details.

Note: Couples have prepared for their multiple wedding dance(s) with private lessons OR private groups. Couples occasionally bring in parents and dedicate the final lesson(s) to preparing for Daddy-Daughter dances, Mother-Son dances, or to dance at the reception!

Generally, the introductory lesson may look the same for clients; however, when you trust us with your wedding dance(s), the experience is one of a kind. Your wedding dance won’t look or feel the same as anyone else–even if you chose the same song as another person. (It happens!)

On that note, song selection creates many differences: from the dance style(s) you’ll learn, dance patterns, choreography, and highlight moments. Do you envision a traditional, sentimental wedding dance or a fun, upbeat dance? Other factors, such as the dance floor, reception venue layout, and wedding attire — dress structure, shoes, hair, veil — are taken into consideration too! If you appreciate being treated like an individual, partner with us! There are many ways to reach your ultimate destination: looking good and feeling amazing for your wedding dance!

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First Dance

Congratulations on your engagement! The first dance is a significant milestone. Before family, friends, and colleagues, you debut as a married couple. Many people get nervous about being in the spotlight. Your wedding dances will put all eyes on you. With practice, you can overcome nervousness that may arise in that special moment. First Dance lessons build trust, create lasting memories, and boost confidence. Wedding clients commented that dance lessons were the best part of wedding planning. Book your First Dance Lessons with Ballroom Alchemy!

From each lesson, you’ll takeaway valuable tools to practice rhythm, dance steps, and dancing together. Our approach will have you looking polished from start to finish. Our focus is not to turn you into dancers but for you to enjoy the quality time together. We create a unique opportunity for you to work as a team and lay a solid foundation for your marriage.

Father-Daughter / Mother-Son

Wedding Party Choreography

Reception Dancing