Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons

Is taking Ballroom Dance lessons on your Bucket List? Don’t delay, book your free introductory private dance lesson. [ To request a private lesson, complete the appropriate intake form: Welcome Form or Wedding Form. ] If you don’t have a partner, your instructor partners with you for lessons, showcases, and competitions. As a team, Asangwua & Ciara plan lessons based on your unique needs. During lessons, they work together to create a personable, fun experience and accelerate your growth. Discounted lesson packages, gift certificates, and payment options are available.

Introductory Lesson

During the introductory lesson, Asangwua & Ciara get to know who you are and understand your reason(s) for learning to dance. Do you have a personal, social, or competitive goal? You’ll learn the Fundamentals of Dance — simple steps that when combined, create the movements for many partnership dance styles. Once you’re moving with your partner or instructor, you’ll learn the basic step to a dance you’re interested in learning or one that your instructor recommends. Lastly, you’ll learn about the solutions we offer to get you to your destination. Start your Dance Journey today: Welcome Form

If you value flexibility, private lessons are for you! The benefits of taking private dance lessons include more scheduling options, 1-on-1 hands on instruction, and accelerated knowledge and application. Go at your own pace. Learn the dance(s) you want to know. Learn from personable instructors in a non-intimidating, controlled environment.

Custom Dance Plan

Based on your goals and what dance(s) you are interested in learning, your instructor designs a customized plan. Your instructor also adjusts to your teaching style. If you’re a visual learning, you’ll receive videos or a written write up of dance sequences. If you’re an auditory learning, we will verbally walk you through the steps If your a kinesthetic learner, the videos help you practice between lessons.

Maximum Flexibility

Private lessons offer maximum booking flexibility.