We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (e.g. FAQs) that we’ve gathered over the years. We hope this list helps you to prepare for dance lessons with us and also know what to expect. Should you have other questions around private lessons, wedding lessons, and/or group lessons , please contact us. We will gladly answer your question(s). Who knows! We may even will add your question to our FAQ list to help other prospective clients! If we’ve answered any burning questions, get ready to take the first step with Ballroom Alchemy: Book Online.

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Where is Ballroom Alchemy located?

We operate a home-based dance studio in Greenville 29605. Our 340sqft studio is perfect for private groups and beginners. We are also able to bring our services you!

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Do I need a dance partner?

We provide dance instruction to individuals, couples, and groups. If you don’t have a partner, your instructor will partner with you during private lessons, performances, and competitions. In group classes, we rotate partners so there’s ample time to practice dance patterns with other students and our instructors. This creates a fun environment to meet new people of various dance levels, all of which accelerates learning.

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What can I expect from my complimentary private lesson?

We offer a complimentary private lesson to all new students. The consultation typically lasts 45 minutes. We get to know who you are and understand your reason(s) for learning to dance. You may come with a personal, social, or even competitive goal. We’ll learn some fundamental steps to get you moving together with your partner or instructor. We’ll teach you a dance you’re interested in learning or one we recommend. We may even turn on music.
For wedding couples, we discuss the important details of your day: the date, floor dimensions and layout, first dance song (if selected), dress, and more.
We outline our packages, and you give us a call if you feel we add the most value. Schedule your complimentary lesson today!

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How long are lessons?

Private lessons are 1 hour. Students can also come in for double lessons, if schedules allow. Regular group classes are 1 hour.

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What can I expect from my private lessons?

You can expect Ballroom Alchemy instructors to come prepared for your lessons and start on time. We begin lessons with a warm up exercise and light conversation. Your goals and dance experience will determine the course of your private lessons. We’ll meet you where you are and will create a plan that is unique to your needs. During lessons, we introduce you to new steps, patterns, and dance technique. We believe it’s more important to be a great leader or follower than to just learn many steps. During private lessons, we’ll have fun building the foundation of a great dancer. By the end of the lesson, we’ll dance to music. Together, we’ll review and record what we achieved, then confirm our next lesson.

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How soon should I/we come in for lessons?

It’s never too early nor too late to learn to partnership dance! How soon or how often you attend lessons depends on your goals. 
If you’re preparing for a special occasion, we highly recommend booking your first lesson at least 3 months in advance of your event. This is especially important as schedules become tighter closer to the event date. In the past, we’ve partnered with wedding couples who came in 1.5 months in advance and did exceptional well because they were committed to practicing between lessons. If you are closer to the event date, we specialize in working with clients who are willing to come into the studio more frequently. 
Lesson availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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How can I get the most out of my lessons?

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. The effort you put in between lessons is just as important as the actual lesson. Students who practice spend less time reviewing and more time building on what they know. With practice, you may come to your next lesson with questions!
Everyone has different learning styles. Some prefer reviewing videos, while other prefer jotting notes in a notebook, playing the music in the background, or physically practicing the movements. Let us know how you learn best, and we will meet your needs.

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What clothes should I wear?

Wear clothes that you can move freely in without restrictions. You want to focus your attention on the dance instruction and your partnership, not so much on adjusting your clothing. Wear clothes that exude self confidence but also good hygiene practices.
Avoid wearing long necklaces or earrings that could hit your partner when you spin. We don’t want you to incidentally injure your partner or others nearby.

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What shoes should I wear?

Ideally, wear shoes that have a leather sole or a soft sole. For ladies, wear a shoe that you can comfortably walk in and can wear without injury. Avoid wearing shoes with rubber soles (tennis shoes, hiking boots), stilettos, and shoes without backs (flip flops, sliders, clogs).
If you want to dance regularly or competitively, we encourage you to invest in a pair of practice shoes or heels. The soles of ballroom shoes are made of felt which allow for greater speed and strides. Practice shoes for men and women have heels no higher than 1” or 1.5”. Practice heels add height and add to the aesthetics of dance lines. For your first pair of ladies’ practice heels, purchase a shoe that is no taller than 2.5”.

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What’s Ballroom Alchemy’s lesson cancellation policy?

We respect your time and realize conflicts happen. Please notify Ballroom Alchemy (864-735-8351) of a cancellation or a potential conflict at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled lesson time. This will give us time to adjust our schedules and book another lesson. If you are not feeling well, please communicate this as soon as possible. We want you to feel your best so you get the most out of your lessons. If you don’t notify your instructor within 24 hours of your lesson time or do not show, it will be at our discretion to dock a lesson.

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