Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons

Is taking Ballroom Dance lessons on your Bucket List? Do you value flexible appointment scheduling? Do you value learning what you want at your own pace? Then private lessons are for you!

Don’t delay, book your intro private lesson today – only $10. [ To request a private lesson, complete the appropriate intake form: Welcome Form or Wedding Form. ]

Don’t have a partner? No problem! Your instructor partners with you for lessons, showcases, or competitions. As a team, Asangwua & Ciara Ikein plan lessons based on your unique goals; and during lessons, they work together to create a personalized, fun experience and accelerate your growth. A la carte lessons, lesson packages, gift certificates, and installment financing are available.

Introductory Lesson

During the introductory lesson, Asangwua & Ciara get to know you and understand your reason(s) for wanting to dance. Do you have a personal, social, or competitive goal? First, boost your confidence learning the Fundamentals of Dance – simple steps that, when combined, create the basic movements for many dance styles. Once you’re moving with your partner or instructor, you’ll learn the basic step to a dance you’re interested in or one your instructor recommends. Lastly, you’ll learn about our offerings to get you to your destination. Start your Dance Journey today: Welcome Form

If you value flexibility, private lessons are for you! The benefits of taking private dance lessons include more scheduling options, 1-on-1 hands on instruction, and accelerated knowledge and application. Go at your own pace. Learn the dance(s) you want to know. Learn from personable instructors in a non-intimidating, controlled environment.

Custom Dance Plan

Based on your goals and what dance(s) you are interested in learning, your instructor designs a customized plan. Your instructor also adjusts to your teaching style. If you’re a visual learning, you’ll receive videos or a written write up of dance sequences. If you’re an auditory learning, we will verbally walk you through the steps If your a kinesthetic learner, the videos help you practice between lessons.

Maximum Flexibility

Private lessons offer maximum booking flexibility.

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